2021 Portland Open | FINALB9 LEAD | Lizotte, McMahon, Jones, Wysocki | Jomez

Avaldati 7 juuni 2021
Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's final round at the 2021 Portland Open.

Card: Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Kevin Jones, Ricky Wysocki
Course: Glendoveer Disc Golf Course | Portland, OR
BigSexyBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Nate "Sexy" Sexton, \u0026 Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    • Let's give credit to McBeth and Heimburg for shooting course record... and McBeth for ABSOLUTELY DUNKING THAT HOLE 18 PUT TO GET 2ND! Also WAY TO GO EAGLE! YOU KICKED THIS SUUUUPER LONG COURSE IN THE TEETH!!!

    • @RPHelpingHand Especially when I'm watching on it on my TV, I just click and go.

    • Y’all should build into the coverage a reminder to hit the thumbs up. 👍 a lot of people I think just forget because they are grooving with the coverage. I personally just had to back track to F9 to do it...

  • Did I hear a clipping reference from Big Jerm??

  • WOW!! What a roller coaster tournament that was! It actually gave me anxiety coming down the home stretch. Jomez, I can't believe how well you captured the excitement and the emotion. Wow.

  • Shout out to Dustin Keegan and the whole Portland team for getting this course put together at the last minute. Fantastic design fostered truly dramatic play.

  • Eeeeeeeemotional.

  • I feel for Kevin on that 15th meltdown. We’ve all been there. Fucking idiot wind.

    • @yaliso gioouy, actually yes, Bob Dylan’s Idiot Wind could’ve been the outro.😄

    • @yaliso gioouy, if there’s an outro for Kevin, it would be sung by Mark Kozelek.

    • Outro song?

  • Ricky looking fresh with the beard

  • For all the issues spoken out loud with the course from the players initially, this proved to be one of the most exciting finishes in a long time...

  • what a battle!

  • I'm happy I can't easily find negative comments on this! Disk golf is the best! I love all you golfers.. You're the best. Let's make this the next big thing! btw, I havent played a round in the 4 years I've watched Gomez. SSSoooooNNNNN!!!

    • Watching that happen to Kev was heartbreaking.

  • Shout out for eagle loving the Pacific Northwest, you absolutely cannot touch our disc golf, our craft beer, and our Mary Jane

  • Damn Kev that's my last two rounds

  • Laying up, or playing safe and still taking a quadruple bogie is the worst feeling ever.

  • Dude so dramatic I love disc golf 🥰

  • Every time Eagle's dad talks about his son, someone ends up cutting onions. Keep shredding the chains brother!

  • The story telling... It's getting just phenomenal.

  • Not crazy about the result... but the production quality, commentating, EVERYTHING was on point. Gotta love some Jomez.

  • Man it was so good to see Simon place so high again. When his elbow is 100% he is gonna tear shit up.

  • The last 9 was so sick, this back 9 was no exception, 🔥🔥

  • Lame result.....

  • Outro song?

  • This was by far some of the best disc golf coverage/production I have ever seen! Great win, Eagle! And, bravo to Jomez!

  • Kevin Jones: Pure class

  • Every time Eagle's dad talks about his son, someone ends up cutting onions. Keep shredding the chains brother!

    • even care... I know he will bounce back, but that was just absolutely horrible to watch. Great coverage, though guys!

  • Watching that happen to Kev was heartbreaking.

  • Thanks for showing the winning moment real-time! I think this is how it could always be. Overall great tournament and perfect coverage 👍👍👍

  • Phenomenal coverage first of all. I'll never have enough knee left in me to play like these pro's. But I'll be out there throwing bombers every chance I get. And that control when it meets Snap is what you're looking for.

  • Paul McGoat

  • What's the name of the cheat rollet disc on 14

  • almost cried on hole 15 for kevin

  • Safe was not the right play on 15. He should’ve hunted the basket off the tee. If OB happens, let it happen on shot one, not layup & then still go OB on shot 3. When safety isn’t an option atleast get yourself close!

  • WOW!!!!!!!!

  • Outstanding job, you all have really done excellent work this season, truly excellent. You are tapping into the story, into the journey - I just watched a dramatic, emotional, arc inside a sporting event and a lot of that is how you presented it. Great tweaks and refinements so far this year, you all are absolutely killing it. Thanks for that😃

  • I am glad a made this drag out fun watching Simon play great win

  • Great event, super close right to the end..thanks for the upload, and the awesome coverage

  • Kevin is one of the longest straightest throwers on tour he didn’t trust his ability and it cost him the tournament

  • Layup in a par 5 not a 3 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • I love Kevin Jones but he layed up on a short par 3 cmon

  • This has to be, by FAR, the most heartbreaking game I have ever seen. You could tell that Kevin just lost his fire on the last couple holes and then made a great putt, but didn't even care... I know he will bounce back, but that was just absolutely horrible to watch. Great coverage, though guys!

  • i am thrilled that I got to see simon play all three rounds. The player community is not the same without him. I understand that the circumstances weren't perfect and that there were gripes with the course but this might've been one of my favorite tournaments to watch of all time. Great coverage, great play, great drama, and all around great content

  • It was amazing to watch live. My heart broke for KJ. When Macbeth hit that put the live coverage heard the roar 900 feet away then they played the replay.... wow. Great job on the coverage guys.

  • Great work Jomez, that ending was awesome. You keep stepping up the game. Congrats Eagle!

  • incredible finish

  • Isn’t it time for Jomez and Gatekeeper to join forces and produce videos that cut between the top two cards? That would be win-win-win.

  • Awesome outro!

  • Great job, as always, but the ending was the best! Thanks!

  • Always amazing coverage.

  • Great coverage guys. What an incredible tournament. Top players all showing why they are there. Eagle; Congrats, ground and air king right now. Paul, Ricky; showed us again why they have been the best two players for a decade. Any course or terrain, they can play and win anywhere. Calvin; Never say die and always fun to watch. Kevin; best player in the tournament (IMHO). Simon 2.0; lead card 2nd tournament back. Straight up impressive. Gonna be a good year Simon. Congrats to everyone. You all showed up! Crazy finish; just when Jomez mentioned how rare a 3 point swing was, we witnessed a one hole 5 point swing. Gotta love disc golf.

  • And now, I have this beautiful piece of wood in my hand. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Outro amazing

  • What an exciting last 9, props to Gatekeeper! Well done Jomez

  • Oh god... I didn't ask for these feels > Remember before the 2021 Portland Open when there was just a winners interview after the last round? Nowadays it's much more cinematic. Enough to make a stone cry. You are changing the game for the better @JomezPro!

  • Not gonna lie, I cried from is call with his Father. Beautiful

  • What disc eagle throw hole 10 1st shot.. huk

  • The way you added the chase card like that was awesome!!! Added to the drama and suspense!! Sick

  • I made sure to not look at any spoilers for this event! Sitting in a bucket truck in the rain at work watching Jomez!

  • RIP KJUSA. That was tough to watch; 22 under before hole 15.

  • What a finish, win by one over McBeth and Wysocki, wow!

    • Watching Kevin die inside was brutal.

  • A flex roller?! Wtf..... I quit

  • This was probably the best coverage I’ve watched in the last 3 years...what a finish

  • Jomez changes the game. Those intros and outros and getting personal with the players. Fuckin beautiful.

  • Love the chase card feature!

  • One of the best tourneys of the year, killer outro, incredible coverage, and commentary to support the narrative! So hyped for the future.

  • Did anyone else tear up listening to Eagle's dad? I just love them so much

  • Keep your head up and forward charging KJUSA!

  • What an awesome final round! My heart broke for Kevin Jones, he was en Fuego and then that gut wrenching rollaway took him out of it. So exciting and amazing that it came down to the last hole! Saluting all the competitors but especially Eagle for conquering his 2019 PO demon. Super Props to Jomez for the Great coverage by all those fantastic cameramen & really loved the post win interview! Viva Jomez!

  • Hey great coverage guys . Congrats to eagle 🦅! It was super cool being able to watch chase card finish up and have that moment where the viewer didn’t know if it was going to a play off or not . Really fun coverage to watch well done as usual!

  • It’s resilience, Jerm. Can’t just be out here replacing letters

  • another great coverage. another new level jomez. thank you 👌

  • Is Eagle wearing Vivobarefoots?! I’ve been wearing those and my game took off.

  • This must be the best DG video that I have ever seen. And I have watched a lot. Great battle. Great Drama. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Jomez. That chase card edit was so sweet add to the mix.

  • I literally forgot breathing for a while when that disc started rolling away, so slowly as it wanted by itself to prolongue the misery and pain. When it stopped OB, as insult to injury I was absolutely speechless. Gutted for KJ, hope he bounces back ASAP. Stand Strong Kevin! Sending love from Czech Republic!

  • Watching Kevin die inside was brutal.

  • Jomez just stepped its game up. I love this! So good guys! Setting the bar for disc golf media every week.

  • Hole 14 commentary, top shelf, thanks guys

  • So far, BEST Tournament Of the Season

  • That was an epic round! Great golf and top notch coverage best thing on EEpush!

  • That was an epic round! Great golf and top notch coverage best thing on EEpush!

  • Kevin on Hole 15 absolutely breaks me😭😫

  • Someone may have farted around 19:55

  • Man do I so appreciate y’all including mcbeth’s last putt from another channel- that was just pure icing. This wasn’t the most exciting course to watch but holy smokes was this still one of the most nail biting rounds I’ve seen since KJ and Dickerson at 2020 world’s. I hope KJ will be able to let that one go so it doesn’t hold him back. So painful to watch.

    • Man I wanted a 3 way tiebreaker for the title

  • At some point Eagle learned how to putt for the win and I want to see him win worlds soon

  • I was rooting for Eagle the whole time what an amazing round... I do feel for Kevin though!

  • Learn 2 lay up Kevin

  • I’ll echo what others have said: that outro was stunning. Please keep doing this. What an amazing gift to Eagle and future winners to have a mini documentary of their win. Epic.

  • Absolutely amazing tournament, honestly. Probably my favorite of the year so far. That ending was so intense. Amazing commentary all around too. So heartbroken for Kevin, though.

  • His conversation with his dad after winning gave me chills. Amazing coverage thank you guys so much

  • Man what a finish. No offense big booger and little bearie, but if this card wasn’t missing Nate Sexton... it would’ve been the best 18 holes filmed by Jomez all year.

  • Please never change any of the intro music. I can't explain it but it gets me so excited for the coverage

  • You guys are really doing some special stuff here with the intro and outro, keep up the great work!!!

  • I wonder if courses will get harder the more the sport grows. Also as prize purses increase will this make players more selective opening the door for more people to start making a living from disc golf

    • Seems the courses are too easy now for the top players. Consistently going like 10 under par is surely an indicator the courses are too easy

  • What a wild finish. Eagle hung on doing what he needed to do. Kevin riding the roller coaster of fghting into the lead and then the nightmare hole comith😳 Hope he isn't too scarred by those extra strokes of hell. Could haunt some. Thanks Jomez for another entertaining round.

  • jomez u da best

  • Love the production value of these. Keep up the great work everyone! Congrats to the winner!

  • Duuuude there must have been something negative in the air that back nine 😕 On the rise next one fellas! ✊

  • Man I wanted a 3 way tiebreaker for the title

  • If it wasn't for germ and uli I'd mute the commentary

  • Great commentary and video, thank you!

  • Eagle!!!!!! 🦅

  • Gosh darn it, Kevin Jones. Feel for you man. I hope you get the next one.